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Zibbra development started out as a quest for an automated solution for our webhosting services in management of customers (CRM) and billing with follow-up. After extensive market search no perfect fit was found to such a cloud solution, and still is not available to this day.

We started to build the Zibbra platform in 2002 and designed it to fulfil every need and demand we’ve had come across in our years of business experience. During development we got lots of positive feedback of customers and partners. We clearly weren’t the only ones searching for such a cloud innovation. ;-)

Today Zibbra is grown into a fully integrated cloud solution with core functionalities like Sales, Marketing, e-Commerce, Product management, Logistics, Customer-relationship management, Financial administration and the open development possibilities to integrate with other applications.

Zibbra is an innovative Belgian company with a bit of a rebellious character and a young but experienced and professional team. As a pioneer in managed services and research&development of web and media applications, we tend to invent and implement innovative technologies way before the IT world has even come up with a name for them. Its intimate collaboration with high-quality partners allows Zibbra to offer customers full service solutions.

The guiding force behind everything we do is helping SME companies to boost their business! This by combining business best practices with innovative new technologies. Customer experience is our passion and our mission. It’s not a matter of business but a matter of our pride in achieving this.